Henriëtte Ronner-Knip (1821-1909)

She is known for her unique water colours and paintings of animals. She revealed her love for animals in her work by expressing them with great character and a sense of individuality. This has made Henriëtte a household name in the world of art. In her early period she painted animals from the familiar surroundings of her childhood—Brabant. Animals that were pets—pigeons, dogs (mainly Belgian mastiffs)—but also a sparrow pecking at a crust of bread.

Later, after she had settled in Brussels, she developed a different style and focused on another class of pets. Cats, kittens and cute little dogs. Her clients were aristocratic families who wanted to have ‘portraits’ of their beloved pets. But her ‘normal’ everyday pet period turned her into a painter of animals who remains unequalled. Many of her works from 1850-1856 have alas been lost or are not accessible.

Dogs series


Pigeon series